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World Peas

ResearchBlogging.orgYeah, I know, it is a bad bumper sticker. But how often do you actually get to use it legitimately?? Recently I came across an article that made me think back to developmental biology in grad school and the amazing work that was coming out of the giant zebrafish mutant scans.

A Mother Lode of Mutant Fish (Science 1996, may require subscription) Researchers this month are announcing the first major findings from an international project to generate thousands of mutant zebrafish with telltale embryonic defects. The faulty fish are expected to yield fundamental insights into embryogenesis, the process by which an organism’s genetic blueprint unfolds into a body that can slither, swim, or saunter.mendel_peas.jpg

Of course, this followed on the heels of the giant Drosophila screens that yielded so much information. And preceded that Nobel prize for that work

From the article: French Researchers Create Genetic Reference Collection of Pea Mutants

Senior author Abdelhafid Bendahmane, a researcher with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research’s Plant Genomics Research Unit, and his colleagues used an approach called Targeting Induced Local Lesions In Genomes, or TILLING — a targeted genetic modification based on ethane methyl sulfonate induced mutagenesis — to create a group of characterized pea mutants within one genetic background.

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