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Video Tips of the Week: Annual Review IV, 2nd half

As you may know, we’ve been doing these video tips-of-the-week for FOUR years now. We have completed around 200 little tidbit introductions to various resources from last year, 2011 (yep, it’s 2012 now). At the end of the year we’ve established a sort of holiday tradition: we are doing a summary post to collect them all. If you have missed any of them it’s a great way to have a quick look at what might be useful to your work.

You can see past years’ tips here: 2008 I2008 II2009 I2009 II2010 I2010 II. The summary of the first half of 2011 is available from last week.

July 2011

July 6: Prioritizing genes using the Gene Prioritization Portal

July 13: PolySearch, searching many databases at once

July 20: Human Epigenomics Visualization Hub

July 27: The new SIB Bioinformatics Resource Portal


August 2011

August 3: SNPexp, correlation between SNPs and gene expression 

August 10: CompaGB for comparing genome browser software

August 17: CoGe, comparing genomes revisited

August 24: Domain Draw for quick motif diagrams

August 31: From UniProt to the PSI SBKB and back again


September 2011

September 7: Plant comparative genomics using Plaza

September 14: phiGENOME for bacteriophage genome exploration

September 21: Getting flanking sequences of genomic locations

September 28: Introduction to R statistical software 


October 2011

October 5: VnD resource for genetic variation and drug information

October 12: Track Hubs in UCSC Genome Browser

October 19: Mitochondrial Transcriptome GBrowser 

October 26: Variation data from Ensembl


November 2011

November 2: MizBee Synteny Browser

November 9: The new database of genomic variants: DGV2

November 16: MapMi, automated mapping of microRNA loci

November 23: BioMart’s new central portal

November 30: Phosphida, a post-translational modification database

December 2011

December 7: VarSifter, for identifying key sequence variations

December 14: Big changes to NCBI’s genome resources

December 21: eggNOG for the Holidays (or to explore orthologous genes)

December 28: Video Tips of the Week: Annual Review IV (first half of 2011)

Tip of the Week: Getting flanking sequence of genomic locations

I did this tip about two years ago. That was in our old system and I wanted to update it to our Scivee system. In addition, we did this tip using Galaxy and Galaxy has had a lot of changes since then. In this weeks tip I am going to walk you through a quick task of getting the flanking sequence of a list of chromosomal locations. In Galaxy, this is relatively simple, as you will see from the tip. There is a lot more you can do with this once you’ve obtained the sequence, manipulating the text to obtain columns of data necessary, etc. You might want to check out our tutorial on Galaxy or the Galaxy screencasts to learn more.

SciVee and OpenHelix

Visit Genomics Resource Training Community If you haven’t noticed, we’ve started adding our tips of the week to SciVee and using the embed to embed them here. This allows you to view the video and share it on your web site or with friends. We’ve also created a “community” over at SciVee we’ve called “Genome Resource Training” where we will be gathering all these video tutorial tips along with any other video tutorials we find over at SciVee that train or introduce researchers on some of the huge amount of resources out there (click the “SciVee” icon above to visit the community). We’ve got about 8 tips over there now and another 8 or so videos from other sources. This community will only grow! So, come check it out, join SciVee and join our community! Of course you will _always_ find our tips here and much more on this blog, so keep us in your feeds and bookmarks and don’t forget to get some in-depth training with our tutorials! We are looking forward to a longterm and expanding work with SciVee.

We also now have a Facebook page, where we will be posting these tips weekly with an occasional ‘general-interest’ genomics link or two. So, please.. follow us there if you are on Facebook and ‘share with friends!