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Tip of the Week: Homophila

homophilahomophila2(click either graphic to see the tip of the week movie) It’s not Halloween yet, but thought I’d get us started in the mood by introducing you to a database that has some obvious references to the movie “The Fly” (the 1958 version is the only really worth watching :). Ok, so the database doesn’t actually help you turn humans into flies, that’s a few years away (that’s a joke of course). No, this is one of those resources that does one thing and does it well. It’s very straightforward and simple… it takes human disease genes and sequences found in OMIM and finds the homologs in the Drosophila melanogaster genome. The name of the database is Homophila. From the results you can find the links to the data and go from there. Simple function that can be very useful. Give it a try.