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Tip of the Week: Human SNP-coexpression associations, SNPxGE2

Today’s tip is on a new database based on data from a single interesting paper, SNPxGE2. With a  large scale association study from HapMap data (269 individuals, 4 populations, over 500k SNPs and 15k expression profiles), the research reported:

the computationally predicted human SNP-coexpression associations, that is, the differential co-expression between 2 genes is associated with the genotype of an SNP.

This data is organized in an easily searchable database called SNPxGE2. As the paper only came out 2 months ago, it’s a promising database. It’s interesting and helpful as is, but I can see more data being added over time.

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Wang, Y., Joseph, S., Liu, X., Kelley, M., & Rekaya, R. (2011). SNPxGE2: a database for human SNP-coexpression associations Bioinformatics, 28 (3), 403-410 DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btr663