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"Glowing" Mushrooms

2850480540103830173s600x600q85Hmm, that sounds like magic mushrooms. But that’s not what I’m talking about :).

Recently, I had the opportunity to give a short workshop at the Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Disease conference in Singapore. It went well, and I learned a lot. Afterwards, my family came out to SE Asia for a vacation, but because of they way frequent flyer miles are, I had 5 days of free time. Malaysian Borneo, here I come!  I spent three days hiking through the Sarawak jungle with a new-found British friend. It was fascinating. One of the most fascinating aspects for me were the stars at my feet.

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We are in Singapore (GGID)

singaporeOpenHelix (and by “OpenHelix” I mean “I” :) is in Singapore this week for the Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Disease conference sponsored by Nature Publishing Group, American Society of Human Genetics and the Human Genome Organization.

I will be giving an educational workshop on an introduction to genomic resources for infectious disease research. It’s part of a larger session. Bob Kuhn of UCSC and Anton Nekrutenko of the University of Pennsylvania will each be giving sections after mine and will be discussing the UCSC Genome Browser and Galaxy respectively.

Since most of our readers won’t be able to attend, below the fold (click the continue reading) I’ve listed just some of the resources I’ll be introducing.

Unfortunately, I can’t introduce most of you to all the amazing fruits (and other foods) I’ve been sampling like mangosteens, jack fruit, dragon fruit and yes, even durian (which I actually like the taste, not so much the smell) You’ll just have to come to S.E. Asia (if you aren’t already) for yourself. Continue reading

Tip of the Week: TDR Targets Database

tdr_targets_tip  For today’s tip, I would like to introduce you to the TDR Targets Database, which seeks “… to exploit the availability of diverse datasets to facilitate the identification and prioritization of drug targets in pathogens causing neglected diseases.” I found out about this database this past weekend as I was catching up on my ‘science reading’. The database was featured in an article published November of 2008 in Nature Reviews Drug Discover – if you have a subscription, I’ve cited it below. Even though the article is a bit old, it seems very timely for us here at OpenHelix right now since in February Trey participated in the first annual African Virtual Conference on Bioinformatics 2009, and later this week he is heading off to give a talk at the Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases conference in Singapore. TDR Targets is a nice resource – here I show a few search options, but there is so much more here that you can explore on your own!

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