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Video Tip of the Week: Chromohub, annotated trees of chromatin-mediated signaling

Today’s tip of the week is a quick introduction to ChromoHub. ChromoHub is an annotated phylogeny of chromatin-mediated signaling genes. As the ChromoHub site says these are “genes involved in writing, reading and erasing the histone code.” These are epigenetic modifications that emerging as target classes for future drug therapies.

ChromoHub maps annotated information about these genes onto a phylogeny of the genes where the researcher can find a wealth of information. The information one can find ranges from cancer data, SNPS, protein structure, protein-protein interactions to PubMed and funding information. There is a lot of information to view.

Today’s tip introduces you to the tool and how to add and view the annotations. There is a lot more at ChromoHub. You can suggest data that the developers have missed and download the information, alignment files and images and more.

ChromoHub was developed by SGC, the Structural Genomics Consortium. This is a private-public partnership that supports discovery of new medicines through open access research. ChromoHub is just one of the tools and resources developed by the consortium.

To find out more about the resource, check out the links and reference below.

Quick Links:

UCSC Genome Browser
Structural Genomics Consortium  (SGC)

ChromoHub Reference:

Liu L, Zhen S, Denton E, Marsden B, Schapira M. (2012). ChromoHub: a data hub for navigators of chromatin-mediated signalling. Bioinformatics DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts340 (open access)