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Tip of the Week: Managing & sharing references with Mendeley

This week’s tip is a bit off-topic (as in genomics databases), but it is science/biology-related and something we all need. There are a lot of reference management software possibilities out there like EndNote, some great web 2.0 social networking sites like Connotea (Nature Publishing) and CiteULike (Springer) and some PDF management tools. Mendeley wants to be all three. I like the idea a lot. Instead of having 2 or 3 separate applications, desktop and/or web, etc., you have one to rule them all. Of course EndNote has EndNote web, but it’s not free (Mendeley is free, and the features they offer now will stay free. They will offer new features for professional users later with a fee). You can export your references in Connotea and CiteULIke, but it’s an extra annoying step. My first experiences with Mendeley have been quite positive, so I thought I’d introduce them to you here.

Connotea on the web site

I use Connotea (though not enough, I need to make it a habit) and like it. It’s a ‘social bookmarking’ reference management system. I just noticed a new feature added recently in beta that allows you to put your references on your web site. This could be useful and allow readers to see some of the stuff you find interesting and useful. We’ll have to consider adding it here. CiteULike is another such service, but I haven’t seen this feature.

If you have a blog or a lab web site, thought you might find it interesting.

Research Blogging (Science Blogging Conference)

Lots to report from the Science Blogging Conference. I have a stack of cards with notes and thoughts of things I want to do, things I want to report on and things I want to change or add to the blog here :). It was definitely a stimulating conference with lots of great people to meet.
Today’s my day off (having returned from the conference just yesterday and since it’s Martin Luther King day (daughter at home), but I wanted to get started. Tomorrow till have to be the longer post of my impressions and the things I learned. But before I go off today, I’d like to mention researchblogging.org

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