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Quick Reference Cards for teaching and outreach

We know there are a number of different ways that scientists and students become familiar with genomics software.   Some of it comes from the traditional publication routes–like the very handy NAR Database issue.  Or like the Current Protocols papers we’ve done recently.  We have these online tutorials that people use in various ways: some teach themselves by watching the video and working the exercises, some download the matching slide sets and run local workshops (our catalog: some are free/sponsored and green icons indicate that; red indicates subscription required). Librarians are using them to become “embedded” in courses in some cases.

A less-well-known type of material we have is the Quick Reference Card.  These are printed cards with URLs, hints, tips, definitions, shortcuts–for stuff that you may want a quick reminder of: where a feature is located, or how to use it.  People who run the local workshops will sometimes write to us to get a set for their courses.  They are great to give out at conferences to raise awareness of the software.

We have these cards for several resources that we also have free sponsored training videos + slides + exercises with: UCSC Genome Browser (2 cards–intro and table browser); Galaxy, and our newest: RCSB PDB and SGKB.  You can go to this form and order them, and we’ll send them out.

I bring this up today because we just received word from Ensembl that they have created a card that we can distribute as a PDF.  You can print it up and put it on the wall near the computer as a handy reminder of some features and tools at Ensembl.  Click the image to download the PDF, or go directly to the link below.


Order OpenHelix printed cards for resources: http://www.openhelix.com/cgi/qrcOrder.cgi

Ensembl PDF card download: Ensembl_card_march2010.pdf