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Catching up on Newsletters: Biocurator & SwissProt Updates

Time to ReadOh I know that I should read all the newsletters that I get when they are fresh and new, but in the heat and hurry of life I don’t always do what I should. So last night while my husband was at golf league & my daughter was ‘Nintendo-ing’, I read. And some of what I read was so cool I just had to over come the embarrassment of admitting my reading back-log to spread the word.  The first bit isn’t actually that old – the email was from Monday.  It was from the Biocurator’s mailing list & announced the formation of the International  Society for Biocuration (ISB) and that the next International Biocurator Meeting will take place in spring 2009 in Germany under the helm of the International Biocuration Society. You can read the full announcement here.

GermanyI find this really exciting for many reasons. First, I attended both the First and Second International Biocurator Meetings and I can not tell you how good those meetings were – just massively cool exchange of ideas – so the idea of getting to go to Germany to attend the third one makes me about giddy. Second, I am really excited about the professional society. I was a biocurator for years and still consider myself as ‘part of the team’ (I work hard everyday trying to teach people about the incredible resources biocurators are making & do regularly send feedback & bug reports to databases). I am so proud of the career that I am encouraging one of my cousins to join our ranks. Having a professional society to call our own will raise the profession even higher, in my humble opinion. Third, the society will be based in Geneva Switzerland, where the UniProt/Swiss-Prot group will provide essential support. Why is that interesting? Well, aside from the fact that I think the group at Swiss-Prot will do a great job, it also is a great lead in for the second news item that I want to draw your attention to.

ExPASy CelebrationThis one is a bit older – actually from a Swiss-Flash bulletindated April 21, 2008. It announced the 15th anniversary celebration of ExPASy, and ExPASy is celebrating with a user survey. Now if you love ExPASy like I do (they are my first source for figuring out ENZYME nomenclature & I’ve blogged about their Protein Spotlight & commented on their Swiss Quiz in the past)  please be sure to celebrate with them by filling out their user survey, which is still open.