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Updated Online Tutorial for GeneTests

Comprehensive tutorial on the publicly available GeneTests resource enable researchers to quickly and effectively use this invaluable resource.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 25, 2010 – OpenHelix today announced the availability of an updated tutorial suite on GeneTests.

GeneTests is an integrated resource designed to provide access to current genetic testing and other clinical genetics information. The GeneTests resource includes the Laboratory Directory database, an international directory that identifies the location of clinical laboratories offering genetic testing; and GeneReviews, a collection of up-to-date, comprehensive disease-specific overviews which include clinical descriptions, diagnosis, management, molecular genetics, current genetic testing, and genetic counseling. This tutorials, in conjunction with OpenHelix tutorials on OMIM, dbSNP, GVS, HapMap and many others will give the medical researcher or clinician a set of training resources to help be efficient and effective at accessing and analyzing genomic variation and biomedical data.

The tutorial suites, available through an annual OpenHelix subscription, contain an online, narrated, multimedia tutorial, which runs in just about any browser connected to the web, along with slides with full script, handouts and exercises. With the tutorials, researchers can quickly learn to effectively and efficiently use these resources. The scripts, handouts and other materials can also be used as a reference or for training others.

This tutorials will teach users:
*to perform disease-specific searches and navigate the GeneTests site
*to understand the GeneReviews and Laboratory Directory Displays
*to access additional searches to query the GeneReviews and Laboratory Directory databases by disease feature, gene and protein specific searches, and more
*to identify U.S. and international laboratories offering molecular genetic testing for specific disorders, use the Clinical Directory to locate genetics professionals and services, and investigate additional educational and other resources

To find out more about these and over 90 other tutorial suites visit the OpenHelix Catalog and OpenHelix. Or visit the OpenHelix Blog for up-to-date information on genomics and genomics resources.

About OpenHelix
OpenHelix, LLC, (www.openhelix.com) provides a bioinformatics and genomics search and training portal, giving researchers one place to find and learn how to use resources and databases on the web. The OpenHelix Search portal searches hundreds of resources, tutorial suites and other material to direct researchers to the most relevant resources and OpenHelix training materials for their needs. Researchers and institutions can save time, budget and staff resources by leveraging a subscription to nearly 100 online tutorial suites available through the portal. More efficient use of the most relevant resources means quicker and more effective research.

How much rat poison indeed…

It is somewhat serenditous in that I just completed the first draft of a tutorial that uses several genomic resources to look at the CYP2C9 gene variations and wafarin dosage, but a recent report in the NEJM looks at wafarin dosage from a combined clinical and pharmacogenetic data standpoint. As Daniel MacArthur at Genetic Future says,

“the real clinical benefits of widespread genetic screening will come first in pharmacogenomics – these results provide a neat demonstration of this process in action.”

And he also points to a nice tool the authors created for determining dosage based on CYP2C9 genotype and other indications. A taste of things to come.