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Video Tip of the Week: LineUp, data ranking visualization tool


Caleydo, from the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision, a suite of genomics and biomolecular visualization tools. As the project developers state, it’s strength is “the visualization of interdependencies between multiple datasets.” The tip of the week this week is a video introducing one of their newest tools: LineUp.

LineUp is an open source scalable visualization technique for ranking systems that use several disparate ranks. Lineup was developed to

address [the] need to understand the ranking of genes by mutation frequency and other clinical parameters in a group of patients,…It is an ideal tool to create and visualize complex combined scores of bioinformatics algorithms.

Yet, it can be used for many different ranking systems whether that is to view rankings of universities or restaurants, or ranked datasets from from various sources. In the video above, the users explain how to use Lineup to look at and visual the ranking of universities based on several different rankings such as student reputation, student-to-faculty ratio and many others. The tool  allows users to assign weights to different parameters to create a custom ranking.

You really need to watch the video to understand the power of the visualization tool and the broad applicability. I immediately saw several uses in research, but even down to choosing schools for my children. In San Francisco schools are by “lottery,” and you rank the schools by preference. There are so many datasets that affect that for parents, distance, academic ranking, teacher to student ratio, diversity ranking and several more. I could see this tool as a great way to determine the ranking of our choices. The uses are endless.

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