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News Updates Related to the PDB (Protein Data Bank), etc.

This is a quick post to update you on events & news items that I’ve gathered that are associated with the Protein Data Bank and other protein resources.

  • We recently received a suggestion for the RCSB PDB through twitter:

    RT @27andaphd: @Comprendia @openhelix you know what? I really think the pdb should have a Firefox toolbar for struct bio ppl like me. cc @openhelix

Well , you are in luck, @27andaphd! I talked to someone on the PDB team and they have you covered with the toolbar, as described in this Summer 2010 newsletter item:  Search the RCSB PDB in Your Web Browser

  • The Structural Biology KnowledgeBase, or SBKB, is a sister database to the RCSB PDB, and last Thursday they released version 4.0 of the SBKB. I’ve been checking out the release & it looks good – they’ve organized categories of information and resources into “hubs”, such as a Structural Targets Hub, a Sequence, Structure, & Function Hub, a Methods Hub, and more. I’m in the process now of updating our sponsored (free) SBKB tutorial now, but you may want to check out the release & see what’s new.

  •  We’ll have more exciting news items soon, so stay tuned!

Quick links:
The Structural Biology KnowledgeBase (SBKB): http://www.sbkb.org/

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) http://www.pdb.org/

OpenHelix’s free introductory tutorial on the SBKB: http://www.openhelix.com/sbkb

OpenHelix’s free introductory tutorial on the PDB: http://www.openhelix.com/pdb