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Pointing us out at Genome.gov :)

ohonnhgripageNHGRI recently pointed out our new set of tutorials on model organism databases (funded mainly by NHGRI :) on their home page, genome.gov. Always nice to be recognized :D.

And it gives me the opportunity to again point out that we do indeed have seven publicly available tutorials and training materials (slides, exercises, etc) on model organism databases including SGD, RGD, MGI, WormBase, FlyBase and ZFIN… and a seventh on GBrowse, a generic genome browser used by some of these and other genome databases.

Check them out (and fill out the new poll to the left :D.

Tip of the Week: Getting SNP data quickly

snp thumbnail SNPs from Table Browser. We have a feature every Wednesday we are instituting: A short screencast of a tip for searching, analyzing or discovering using genomic resources and databases. Today’s tip is how to obtain filtered SNP data from a gene of interest using the UCSC Table Browser. You can find more on how to use the Table Browser from these freely available training materials.