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Suggerimento Video della Settimana: Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing and Genetic Counselling

A OpenHelix, we remember the days when people didn’t even barely have documentation with their software when they put it out (yah, So, it still varies). But outreach really is getting better. There are journals now that are also enforcing more reader-friendly ways to describe the research, with non-jargon summaries and some terrific visual aids.

Sempre, there are also videos associated with papers. I just came across this one, and thought it was a nice example of an important issue for non-scientists to access.

So this looks at direct-to-consumer (DTC) services available in Europe, but some of the same ones are available in the US. Naturalmente, negli USA, as we muck around with health care again and what is/is not a pre-existing condition, the advice might be different. Sospiro.

Hat punta:


Middleton, A., Mendes, Á., Benzoino, C. M., & Howard, H. C. (2017). Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: where and how does genetic counseling fit?. Medicina Personalizzata, (14:3) , Pagine 249-257 , DOI 10.2217/pme-2017-0001.


Venerdì SNPpets

This week was includes quite a range of species–from maize to mammoths to microbiome samples around the world. Also time travel–genome assembly in ancient samples. There’s also helpful stuff on the role of genetic counselors, and a guide on when researchers should enjoy chocolate (which may be relevant to some of you this Easter weekend).

SNPpets_2Benvenuto nella nostra raccolta di link caratteristica Venerdì: SNPpets. Durante la settimana abbiamo incontrato un sacco di link e legge che riteniamo interessanti, ma non ce la fanno ad un post del blog. Eccoli per il vostro divertimento…