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Tip of the Week: PolySearch

Polysearch is a tool that allows you to search many different databases at once with a query “given X find all associated Y.” For example, given a pathway, find all associated drugs or given a gene find all associated diseases. I’ve found the tool to be quite helpful.

The tool was listed in last week’s tip of the week on “Gene Prioritization Portal” and does that, but does more than that as you can see.

Today’s tip gives an introduction to the site documentation and search finding associated diseases to a single gene.

It’s a great site, I have found some interesting results. I am having problems with the SNP/PCR Primer and some of the automatic synonym (it pushes my gene-disease search to a disease-gene search) and I’ve reported these, but for the most part it works very well.

Tip of the Week: Prioritizing Genes

Many types of experiments today return large lists of genes, association studies, expression arrays, linkage analysis and more. The researcher needs to determine which of those genes are of most interest and promising so the next step in the analysis is to prioritize the list and find the method to do so.

There are a lot of methods and tools to prioritize a list of genes and getting a handle on which tool to use can be a bit of a daunting task. The Gene Prioritization Portal is an excellent resource to find the right tool. It’s a bit more than just a database of databases or tools. it’s a regularly updated list with detailed information about the tools (there are 25 at the moment), stats about what the data sources of the tools are, the outputs and references. There is also a nice search tool to find the tool that most fits your needs.

Today’s tip will introduce the site and perform a quick search. Future tips might be highlighting some of these tools.

Update: due to technical difficulties either in recording or the upload/processing the audio isn’t working. I’m trying to fix this. In the meantime, you can get a basic overview watching, but I’ll get a new version up as soon as I’m able to fix this.