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Tip of the Week: MycoCosm

MycoCosm is a fungal genomics database and browser at JGI, home of a lot of great resources. This week’s tip is from their video tips, which are useful. MycoCosm includes browsers of annotated data of many fungal genomes, KEGG pathway data, synteny data and much more. Their list of video tips include an introduction to the resource, functional annotation browser and protein page intro. Here is the one to get you started on the browser (unfortunately, there is no embed capability, so the image here will take you to the tutorial). These video tips are longer than our usual 5 minute tips ranging from 6 minutes (intro) to just over 30 (browser).

"Glowing" Mushrooms

2850480540103830173s600x600q85Hmm, that sounds like magic mushrooms. But that’s not what I’m talking about :).

Recently, I had the opportunity to give a short workshop at the Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Disease conference in Singapore. It went well, and I learned a lot. Afterwards, my family came out to SE Asia for a vacation, but because of they way frequent flyer miles are, I had 5 days of free time. Malaysian Borneo, here I come!  I spent three days hiking through the Sarawak jungle with a new-found British friend. It was fascinating. One of the most fascinating aspects for me were the stars at my feet.

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