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What’s the Answer? (expression across tissues)

reddit_iconThis week’s highlighted question is one that I like to look in on from time-to-time, to see how people are solving the issue of looking at tissue expression. In this case none of the tools were new to me, but I do like to see what people prefer. And I like to spur some discussion if other folks have tools that aren’t already described, or newer ones that I jut might not have come across yet.

So have a look at this question and thread. If you have other suggestions, chime in.

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Expression levels across tissues? (self.bioinformatics)

submitted  by Wunterslash

Does anyone know the best databases or methods of exploring gene and/or protein expression levels across different human tissues?

I was pleased to see that one of my favorites for this issue was included already, so I didn’t chime in. BioGPS. Of course, BioGPS does more than just expression–I have always liked the way you can pull in the annotation types you need. But I just happened to like this way to look at expression data.

But go have a look at all the answers. Add more if you have suggestions.