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Phenotype resources and databases

For another project I’m on, I had to research some of the sources of information around phenotyping experimental animal models.  And just as I needed it, the RGD team produced a very nice screencast of access to the phenotyping data and resources that they offer about rat phenotyping.  If you are interested in that type of data, go have a look at their video and explore the resources that they introduce:  RGD Phenotyping Portal screencast.

If that is data you are interested in, you might also explore some of the other things I’ve been looking at.  The MGI team Jackson Laboratory has a division that focuses on mouse phenotype data as well.  Called Mouse Phenome Database (MPD), you can access quite a range of data that already exists. They also have protocols for phenotyping that may be useful to folks who are characterizing animal models.

I also came across a project based in the EU that offers data and standardized protocols for phenotyping.  EUMORPHIA offers the Empress SOPs that they are developing, as well as access to the Europhenome database that contains the results.

As much as I still love to look at genomes, I’m ready to move down the path and look at the phenomes too :)