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Happy Birthday Charles

International Darwin Day Foundation.

Can’t let the day go by without acknowledging the 200th anniversary of the day Charles Darwin was born. Arguably one of the most brilliant scientists ever to grace this planet. I have to agree with Razib, I just recently reread Origin of the Species and like every time I’ve read it (4th now I think), I am struck by how amazingly perceptive and prescient the man was.

Though I know it was fictionalized and there are of course some quibbles with the portrayal, I enjoyed the new movie, Creation, about the writing of that book. If anything, it’s spurred me on to learn more about the man and his life and read Voyage of the Beagle. WHich, surprisingly since I’ve read others like Descent of Man, Variation under Domestication, and Expression of Emotions, I’ve never read.

In the movie, Darwin tells his children, particularly his daughter, different stories about his voyage and adventures as bedtime stories. Listening to those and watching the reenactments got me interested in reading the book. And I have a vague idea about rewriting it as a children’s adventure book, I think my daughter would like it. I’ll just chalk that up to one of those “in the future” projects (or maybe someone already did it?)

Tip of the Week: Viewing data across databases

Vista tip Today’s tip looks at one example of how to view the same genomic data across several databases simply by browsing. You can download the data from analysis tools and databases in several formats and use that in others, and someday we’ll do a tip on that. But today’s tips shows you that many databases link out between them allowing you to view data in one context and then another simply by clicking a link. We are going to start by looking at comparative genomic data in VISTA , there’s much more in depth tutorial on VISTA here (free), then link out to the UCSC Genome Browser (free tutorial) to view the data there and then off to Ensembl (tutorial, subscription).