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OH Newsletter

OpenHelix has had a newsletter for the last couple years. We send it to subscribers and others interested. It’s a bit of an open secret :). Well, I (Trey) took over putting it together this year and am in the midst of doing our latest one, I thought I’d mention it on the blog.

The newsletter comes out 3-4 times a year. We highlight a few of our more popular or interesting Tips of the Week, write a short article and update subscribers on the new tutorials we’ve added or recently updated ones. Regular readers of this blog will probably already have already gotten much of this if they keep up on the tips or the OH on the right hand column, but it might be a good way to remind yourself of some of our tips, or to get in one place all the tutorials we’ve updated or added in the past 3-4 months.

You can subscribe here and you can view the last or past newsletters here. A new one is coming out in a couple weeks!

OpenHelix Announces Genomics Blog

January 14, 2008 (Seattle WA) OpenHelix today announced a new blog (www.openhelix.com/blog) exclusively focused on genomics and bioinformatics resources. The blog will be an instrumental, interactive forum for researchers to learn more about the rapidly changing and growing genomics databases and resources.The blog, authored by OpenHelix scientists with extensive experience with genomics and biology and industry expertise in databases and resources, will have daily postings about genomics resources, genomics news and research, and training tips on how to effectively find and use bioinformatics resources.

“Creating and maintaining this blog is one additional way that we provide our genomics expertise to the science community,” explained Warren Lathe, the Chief Technology Officer at OpenHelix, “With the addition of questions and answers, researcher comments, and guest posts from those in the industry, our goal is to provide a comprehensive information source about the invaluable genomics tools on the web.”

In addition to daily posts on relevant topics, the OpenHelix Blog on Genomics and Bioinformatics will include:

“Tip of the Week”: A short video outlining a tip on how to use a database to find something you need, some feature that you might not have noticed before, or introducing a new resource.

“What’s Your Problem?”: An “open office hours” open thread post every Thursday where you can ask questions about what database might have the data you need, how to find specific types of information from a resource, and more. With nearly immediate answers to your questions, you’ll have a virtual help desk on genomics and bioinformatics resources.

“Guest Post”: A periodic guest post from a scientist on an issue or topic that they feel is important to the community. Our guest posters will be people directly involved in developing and maintaining resources or genomics research.

“Free Tutorials”: You’ll find links to extensive tutorial suites on a number of genomics and bioinformatics resources. The suites include 40-60 minute narrated self-run tutorials, slide sets, hand-outs and exercises.

Visit the OpenHelix Blog at (www.openhelix.com/blog).

About OpenHelix

OpenHelix, LLC, (www.openhelix.com) provides the genomics knowledge you need when you need it. OpenHelix currently provides online self-run tutorials and on-site training for institutions and companies on the most powerful and popular free, web based, publicly accessible bioinformatics resources. In addition, OpenHelix is contracted by resource providers to provide comprehensive, long-term training and outreach programs.