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Bioinformatics and Genomics sometimes (always?) brings together two very different groups: biologists and computer scientists. They are often biologists who know something about computers and computer scientists who know something about biology and sometimes they are computational biologists who do both. We (OpenHelix scientists) train biologists who want to use genomics tools that computational biologists (or a team of computer scientists and biologists) have developed. Sometimes those biologists want to do more and sometimes computer scientists need to learn a bit of biology. So, in that vein…

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Basic Biology Concepts

You have some non-biologist colleagues (attorney? manager? programmer?) you need to get up to speed, or you need to brush up on some concepts yourself? A good place to start is this list from John Wilkins (Evolving Thoughts). It is a list of links to blog post across the blogosphere that explain and expound on various basic concepts in science. The list for the life sciences ranges from basic evolution to clade to biomes to linkage disequilibrium to a lot else. It includes a list of lectures from Bora Zivkovic at Blog Around the Clock in basic biology. Additionally, make sure to read the comments to the first link, commenter contributed a lot of their own. A wealth of information out there in the blogosphere.