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Video tip of the week: OpenHelix App on SciVerse to Extend Research

We’ve all seen the discussions – on twitter, in journals, lots of places – on how to collect, store, find and use all the data that is and will be generated. Here at OpenHelix we believe that there is a gold mine of bioscience data that is being vastly underutilized, and our goal is to help make that data more accessible to researchers, clinicians, librarians, students and anyone else who is interested in science.

We go at our goal in a variety of ways, including: this blog with its weekly tips, answers and other posts; with our online tutorial materials on over 100 different biological databases and resources; and with our live trainings, many of which are sponsored by resource providers such as the UCSC Genome Browser group.

In today’s tip I will introduce you to another one of our efforts to “extend research” by showing you a glimpse of an OpenHelix app that we designed for the SciVerse platform, which Elsevier has described as an “ecosystem providing workflow solutions to improve scientist productivity and help them in their research process”. This app scans a ScienceDirect journal article for any database names or URLs that we train on, and then displays a list of such resources in the window of the app. A researcher can use this list to go from a research article to our training on how to use the resource, and to the resource itself. We believe this type of integration will help extend research by making it easier to find, access and use data associated with a paper. If you have access to articles through ScienceDirect, and you try out our app, please comment here & let us know what you think, or suggest future enhancements. Also you could consider reviewing it for the app gallery. Thanks!

Quick links:

SciVerse Hub http://www.hub.sciverse.com

SciVerse Application Gallery http://www.applications.sciverse.com

OpenHelix SciVerse App Description http://bit.ly/xtGcco

Reference shown in Tip (subscription required): Mortensen, H., & Euling, S. (2011). Integrating mechanistic and polymorphism data to characterize human genetic susceptibility for environmental chemical risk assessment in the 21st century Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology DOI: 10.1016/j.taap.2011.01.015

OpenHelix Reference (free from PMC here): Williams, J., Mangan, M., Perreault-Micale, C., Lathe, S., Sirohi, N., & Lathe, W. (2010). OpenHelix: bioinformatics education outside of a different box Briefings in Bioinformatics, 11 (6), 598-609 DOI: 10.1093/bib/bbq026

SciVerse Reference (subscription required): Bengtson, J. (2011). ScienceDirect Through SciVerse: A New Way To Approach Elsevier Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 30 (1), 42-49 DOI: 10.1080/02763869.2011.541346