Genomics Resource Tutorials

Providers of some of the most powerful and popular publicly available genomics and bionformatics resources, including those below, contract with OpenHelix to provide training for them.

Choose one of the resources below for free online tutorials and training materials (links take you off the OH Blog and to the OH site for the tutorial where you can access a 30-60 minute modular Flash movie, downloadable slides, exercises and other training resources.

UCSC Genome Browser (Intro, Advanced  and Associated Tools Topics)
sponsored by the University of California Santa Cruz Bioinformatics Group

sponsored by OMIM

Functional Glycomics Gateway
sponsored by The  Consortium for Functional Glycomics Gateway

PSI-Structural Biology Knowledgebase (PSI-SBKB)
sponsored by Protein Structure Initiative

sponsored by NIEHS EGP

World Tour of Genome Resources
sponsored by OpenHelix


See Other OpenHelix Tutorials.

OpenHelix provides tutorials and training materials on over 50 resources (a list that is growing rapidly) including genome browsers like Ensembl to interactions analysis tools like STRING. The tutorials are updated regularly. Permissions are granted by the resource provider for OH to create and deliver the training materials, but these tutorials are not financially sponsored by the provider. There is a subscription fee for access to all these additional tutorials.

Access All Tutorials Through a Subscription

11 thoughts on “Genomics Resource Tutorials

  1. Alberto Reyes

    I am very interested in having access to these courses online since our laboratory we are beginning the bioinformatics

    Instituto Nacional de Pediatría, Laboratorio de Oncología Experimental, México D.F.
    National Institute of Pediatrics, Experimental Oncology Laboratory, Mexico D.F.

  2. Trey


    The links on this page will take you to our sponsored (and thus free) online tutorials for those resources. You have access to those without cost. OpenHelix also offers a suite of other online tutorials (over 50) on additional resources for a subscription. You can get access to those here.


  3. Gilbert Burckart

    You might consider adding the program “The Future of Medicine: Pharmacogenomics” which was sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration and the American College of Clinical Pharmacology ( It has 13 sections, each with an Overview and a Depth Module, so is a complete course.

  4. Mary

    Hi Gilbert–

    Thanks for that, we’ll check it out. It looks interesting.

    [comment replaced after accidental deletion]

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