About OpenHelix

OpenHelix sponsors The Open Helix Blog. OpenHelix is dedicated to training researchers and biomedical professionals on the access and use of publicly-available genomics data, databases and tools. To that end, OpenHelix has several offerings:

Tutorials Suites: OpenHelix scientists have developed a large collection (100 and growing) of tutorial suites to learn how to access and use genomics resources. These suites include Flash movies (40-60 minutes long, modular), PowerPoint slides w/ scripts for you to use to train yourself or students, exercises, handouts and more. You can view the expanding catalog here, and subscribe to access all the tutorials here.

Sponsored Tutorial Suites: Some resource providers contract with OpenHelix to provide training on their genomics resources. The tutorial suites (including same materials as above) on these resources are available free to the user. To see the list of those resources and access the materials for free, go to our sponsored tutorials page.

Resource Provider Services: OpenHelix contracts with genomics resource providers to provide online training to their users, on-site seminars, training materials (see Quick Reference Cards for an example), outreach at conferences, and more. If you are a resource provider or developer, contact us to find out what OpenHelix has done for others and can do for you.

Quick Reference Cards: OpenHelix has developed a series of Quick Reference Cards on various resources. These 8″ x 11″ card stock reference cards help you remember what is available and how to use a resource. They are free to the user and can be ordered (free shipping) here.

Seminars: OpenHelix conducts on-site training seminars on dozens of genomics resources. We have trained from locations from California to Iceland on resources including the UCSC Genome Browser, Ensembl, HapMap, dbSNP and others. You can learn more about bringing OpenHelix to your institution here.

Curriculums: OpenHelix is developing curriculums on various genomics resource topics such as proteins, variation and many more to come. We systematically view all the available resources and find some of the most useful and used to develop these. The curriculums are ways for the researcher to find resources they might need or for the trainer to develop a course. They are free for download here.

The Open Helix Blog: Through the blog (you are reading it now), we hope to keep the research community up-to-date on the latest on genomics resources, news and research.