Video Tip of the Week: Track Hubs in UCSC Genome Browser

Today’s tip of the week introduces a new feature at the UCSC Genome Browser which we will be adding to our UCSC Genome Browser and UCSC Table Browser tutorials (both free) soon: Track Hubs. Track Hubs are annotation tracks for very large datasets housed at non-UCSC servers that might not be conducive for the custom track utility to manage.

Research groups will be able to create their own track hubs of large datasets for search and viewing. They can also register their tracks hubs with UCSC so that they may be used by the public. Users of the genome browser will be able to load those annotation tracks to the genome and table browsers for viewing and searching. The user guide for viewing, creating and registering track hubs is here.d

Today’s tip takes you on a quick tour to show you how to load and view track hubs using one of the two currently available ones from Washington University of epigenomics data.

Now, as a user, if you don’t find the data you need in the native tracks at UCSC, you have two additional places to look, the custom tracks shared by many users here and the track hubs of larger datasets.




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