The book is out!

openlab08coverThe tremendous work accomplished by the Open Laboratory Team has now come to ultimate fruition.  The juried collection of the best of science blogging has been completed for this past year (2008), and now the full book is assembled and available.  The cover art is just gorgeous–and of course the writing inside is worthwhile as well.  And I’m not just saying that because they selected my essay on The Beginnings of Immunofluorescence as one of the featured items :)  (Disclaimer: I do not benefit from the sale of this book financially in any way.)

I’d like to thank the organizers for their efforts.  I think that it encourages a new and worthy form of science communication that we really need at this time.  And it provided me with a reach that I never anticipated from my little effort to tell a story that I cherished.  I found out it was even being used as an example to explain science blogging to engineers!

You can purchase a copy on Lulu, either electronically or hard copy.  Click the button to access that site: