Yummy genomes are my favorite. Blueberry enroute. (with video)

The blueberry genome is coming! Yay!

In my genome twitter column the other day I caught this item about the blueberry genome project.  Putting the Pieces Together: Sequencing the Blueberry Genome

Just recently we were also discussing sequenced plant genomes on twitter, and James (of James and the Giant Corn) provided that handy link to a wiki page maintained by his lab that has an extensive list. Their lab has a great suite of tools for comparative genomics called CoGe that we’ve talked about before, so they keep an eye on plant genome projects.

Blueberry isn’t on the list yet–I suspect they are getting ready to release it, but I can’t tell from materials I’ve seen so far. I will say, though, that this introductory video about the project is a nice effort. It does some background on the technology, shows the team, and overall aspects of the project.

I love to see plant genomics outreach!  Looking forward to the publication–I’ll follow up when I see it.

If for some reason you can’t see the video, there’s more information about the project here: Dr. Allan Brown Leads Team to Sequence the Blueberry Genome

By the way: we were told recently that sometimes people weren’t aware that we had videos in a lot of our posts because they were reading the RSS feed. I’m going to try to make it more apparent that there is one as we go forward, hence the title here.