What’s the answer? Cytoscape plug-ins

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Question of the week:

Cytoscape Plug-in for retrieving Protein-Protein Interactions

I wish to find out all interactions WITHIN a set of around 200 HUMAN proteins. The identifiers I can use are gene_name, Uniprot_accession and Uniprot_Ids. So far I tried two plugins viz. MIMI and APID2NET.

MIMI doesn’t seem to accept 200 proteins in one go, so I’ve to merge the networks. APID2NET shows too many nodes without any interactions. The STRING DB shows quite a many interactions for which MIMI/APID2NET don’t report anything.

I tried the STRING plugin too, but it looks like it can accept one ID at a time. Am I missing something here?

Can somebody recommend some good and hassle less plugins/tricks to import PPIs. I’ve to do subsequently a BINGO analysis.

Thanks in advance


Although most people in this arena will be familiar with Cytoscape, it can be challenging to know which specific plug-ins might be best for a given purpose. One of the cool things about a forum like BioStar is that there is a range of folks who have wide experience with the tools from so many different projects that often someone has a bit of guidance on things that did (or didn’t) work.

In this case someone offered a suggestion that seemed to fit the bill precisely! Check out the answers, and note the selected () answer to see which it is. It’s a tool I noticed in the past partly because it was the first bioinformatics tool that I had seen that came from Cuba and I thought that was cool–BisoGenet.

But if you have other suggestions you can also offer them at BioStar.