Lung Genomics Portal

Just checking the twittersphere today over coffee, I saw an intriguing tweet about a resource that was new to me:

RT @UniproUgene: Dr. John Quakenbush is presenting portal at ISTC

I love to look at new genomics data and software resources, so I went to have a look. It appears I can’t get to the data without registration, but they provided a YouTube intro to the collection that you can watch. I’ll embed it below, but you can also go to their data section to look at it. (You can be among the first to view it–there were only 31 views when I found it!)

There are a number of tools for identifying sample populations–for example, you can look at people who never smoked vs. smokers. You can compare gene expression levels with one tool. You can look at their genome browser. I really liked the way you can show multiple regions in the same viewer as separate rows–this is something people have been asking us for in workshops. You can download large subsets of filtered data, and more. Looks nice overall.

The reason this particularly intrigued me because just recently there was a request at BioStar for a tissue-specific data set. I’ve been looking out for other examples as well. If you know of any great tissue-specific resources do let us know and we’ll have a look and possibly highlight them. We have focused largely on software and data that is quite broadly appealing. But the utility of a tissue-specific set for various investigations is clear as well.

It took  me a couple of minutes to figure out where to find the data portal from the website. The landing pages have some project information, but it seems the place to access the data portal is on the upper right above the search box. But I can’t figure out how to get access to the data–there’s a login, but no information on how to register or if there are requirements. So I haven’t seen the innards myself. Maybe it’s restricted to just the folks on those grants. But it seems a lot of outreach for stuff you can’t have access to….?

Anyway–if you are interested in lungs, have a look and see if there’s anything useful for you in the Lung Genomics Portal. Their YouTube channel (lunggenomics) seems to have a lot of other helpful tidbits or background information stuff that might help you as well. There is some contact information over there, and if I was a lung researcher I’d track down access from there.

Direct link to the lung genomics site: