Is Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn in Your Neighborhood?

secretscienceclub_logo If it is, and you are free any first Wednesday of the month, you might want to check out the free science and art lecture series “Secret Science Club“. I forget exactly HOW i found the club, but I’m sure it was by hunting for something scientific on the web. And the title caught my attention – it sounds so, oh I don’t know. Anyway, getting back to the point: There is a lecture tomorrow entitled “Can conservation succeed with 9 billion people on the planet?” It will be given by Joel Cohen at 8pm 3/4 in Union Hall. If that lecture doesn’t fit your interests, check out their site to see what is happening in other weeks.

For those of us who aren’t right around the corner from Union Hall, the blog is an interesting read with lots of links to interesting stuff – almost makes me envy New Yorkers…

EDIT: Hey, just to let you know about a post (“A nightclub for nerds makes science cool in New York“) that Mary found on the same subject that gives more detail about the Secret Science Club. (FYI: We had to chuckle about me ‘scooping’ the Monitor, since they posted a day AFTER me!) And I agree, ‘science cafes’ are a growing trend – but they aren’t JUST for the young and trendy. I’ve attended local science cafes sponsored by my Sigma Xi  chapter in cooperation with the local branch of the American Chemical Society and it is fun to let down your hair, mingle with other science ‘geeks’, learn something new, and of course, enjoy refreshments! SO, even if you aren’t one of the chosen few who make it into the doors of the Union Hall Secret Science Club, I say get out into YOUR neighborhood & find (or create) a science cafe to enjoy!

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