What’s the answer? Genes–>Pathway

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Question of the week:

Mapping genes to pathway


I have a set of gene identifiers(RefSeq) and I want to know the pathways in which these genes are present along with some statistical score.

Any suggestions for tools.

Thank you


This is a question we see pretty frequently, and there are a number of tools that can help. The selected answer includes both tool suggestions and some useful references. But other answers also flesh out the options. Have a look at the answers, and add others if you have favorites methods for doing this.

Update–I’ll just note that one of the answers comes from Chris Evelo, and I just saw this tweet about him:

RT @larry_parnell: Nice! Congratulations! @Chris_Evelo just received an Agilent Thought Leader Award to Bridge Pathways, Metabolic Models and Gene Annotations

Congrats to Chris! Check out what a “thought leader” has to say on this topic over at BioStar.