Science Assists Crippled Children, 1942

A friend on Google+ pointed out an amazing repository of newsreel footage over the weekend. I was unable to tear myself away from the collection. It’s informative, fascinating, and sometimes hilarious. The thing that made me laugh the most was the clip from 1936 called Gambling with the Gulf Stream. The graphics are a hoot. I can’t even describe it, you have to see the North Pole.

But it wasn’t as funny when I went looking for some old biomedical science clips. I was pretty horrified at the happy footage of children in their iron lungs at this hospital….Look at the number of iron lungs there….egads. [I’m not sure the embed is working right on all browsers, go here for it if you can’t access in the post]


We don’t spend a lot of time on vaccine science here, but elsewhere I am regularly dismayed that people who deny the benefits of vaccination have any credibility at all.  They should be force to watch this clip over and over and over.

Anyway, the British Pathé video archive site is a real treasure from a number of perspectives. I know most of it isn’t sciency, but I’ll be mining it for some historical science clips.