Myriad patent decision: Genoscenti will be disappointed.

So it appears that the decision is now out on the case against Myriad’s patents on the BRCA diagnostic testing. I haven’t read the decision yet, I saw a great stream of tidbits coming from @genomicslawyer, Dan Vorhaus. Check out the whole thing, starting around here and working upwards:

@genomicslawyer: $MYGN opinion is out: CAFC full reversal on gene patents, partial reversal on diagnostic patents.

This made me laugh, as it is quite true and I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Genoscenti discuss this very soon:

RT @matthewherper: @genomicslawyer as expected. Genoscenti will be disappointed.

I think this is probably the best assessment of it so far though:

RT @genomicslawyer: Plenty of material here for critics/fans of gene patents, SCOTUS & Congress. Little chance this is last word.

I’d put money on this, for sure….

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UPDATES with other coverage: UPDATE 1-Myriad can patent breast cancer genes – court

RT @NatureNews: US Court upholds Myriad’s breast cancer gene patents

NHGRI tweets a link to the NYT story: RT @genome_gov: U.S. fed. appeals ct. affirms co.’s right to patent genes used as basis for genetic test of ovarian/breast cancers.

RT @GENbio: If you missed today’s important court ruling on #Myriad’s patents on BRCA genes click here.

RT @ScienceInsider U.S. Appeals Court Backs Gene Patents in Myriad Case

UPDATE: The detailed analysis begins to roll in. You should check out this post from @genomicslawyer Dan Vorhaus and John Conley, on this decision:  Pigs Return to Earth: Federal Circuit Reinstates Most—But Not All—of Myriad’s Patents