Must see: Richard Resnick TEDxBoston talk

Recently my twitter feed was burning up at the live presentation at TEDxBoston by Richard Resnick. I had caught most of it (thanks to the tweeps who sent word), and scribbled down a few notes. But mostly I wrote in my notebook that I needed to seek out this talk on the web later and review it. Just found it–and you need to watch it.

Richard Resnick gives an excellent presentation of the state of genome sequencing today–the rate and the increase–with just a couple of minutes and some well-done graphics. But he quickly moves to what this means for medicine today.

He describes a typical case of a woman’s cancer and the medical interventions for it over the last few years–and says that this will look like bloodletting to us in the near future because it’s so primitive. He explains how her genome and that of her cancer was examined to discover issues.

He relates the story of the twins who were discovered to have a treatable condition based on their genome sequencing, after suffering for years with unknown problems. And the story of Nick, who Matthew Herper called The First Child Saved By DNA Sequencing.

“The prospect of using the genome as a universal diagnostic is upon us today.”

He talks about how this can give all of us extra years of health. But he also turns to how this impacts the planet, including food production which is being affected by this technology too–and says:

Now look, as long as we continue to increase the population, we’re going to have to continue to grow and eat genetically modified foods. And that’s the only position I’ll take today.

Next he places the genomic revolution into personal context and consumer uses and social implications. He shows an application he had for life insurance which *specifically* demands to know if you have had a personal genomics test done. (By the way, the US GINA legislation does not prevent discrimination based on your genome for this kind of insurance–a lot of people don’t realize that).

The excitement of the time we live in, with appropriate warnings about the implications, are really well done in this talk. And he asks everyone watching to wake up and influence the genomic revolution we are in.

It’s just over 11 minutes long. Watch it. Srsly. Worth your time.

In case the embed doesn’t work, or to watch embiggened, go here:

TEDxBoston – Richard Resnick – The Next Hot Commodity of Genome Sequences

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