The stimulus and the NIH

After years of stagnant funding to basic research, the stimulus will increase NIH’s budget by nearly a third, 10 billion to it’s already 30billion. Huge. The director of the NIH asks that it be spent on projects that will create jobs and the possible recipients say “No problem.”

Of course this is the discussion in the science blogoshere with postings on the letter on how the money should be spent,  the clock is already ticking on the spending of the NSF money (4 months people!), maybe we should be careful how fast we hire (let’s not put people on career tracks that will lead no where), maybe we shouldn’t be doing the same old same old, and more.

I agree with one commenter, the requirement that the projects be ‘within two years’ will be quite simple. It seems that most grant money could easily be planned to be spent in 2 years. I know we could ;) and hire a lot of people in the interim :D.

2 thoughts on “The stimulus and the NIH

  1. Dirk Diggler

    “I know we could ;) and hire a lot of people in the interim :D.”

    Sure you could, but after two years what would you do with these hirees? Fire them? Better make sure they aren’t grad students and postdocs.

  2. Trey

    Well, that could be one of the issues with one time stimulus packages isn’t it? Of course it will create jobs in the short term,jobs that might not be long term.

    But this is a flawed way to look at one time infusions of cash into an organization. My comment was off-handed, as a company our hiring decisions would be based need, but, infusions of capital do give companies (and non-profits for that matter) the ability to create infrastructure and foundations, etc. on which to grow and build. You know, thus the whole ‘investment’ and ‘loan’ thing that companies do. So, those jobs in two years, hopefully… if a company did their job right, those jobs would be permanent because by creating them in the first place they helped the company grow.. and thus the need for the job remain.

    So, that’s what would happen to those hirees I would hope.

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