Naked Mole Rat, another day, another genome

The latest genome to be completed is the naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber). Now, could there be a cooler (if ugly) mammal on the planet? It’s one of only two truly eusocial mammals in the world, it lives up to 28 long years (my daughter’s rat, no relation, lived only 3 years) and is surprisingly resistant to a lot of diseases.

So, no wonder the genome was sequenced. Maybe we can learn some things about social behavior and longevity.

Of course there is a resource for it at though it’s basically just a blast server and some downloads. I’m counting down to the day it’s available at UCSC or Ensembl :D. I have some genes I’m interested in comparing.

One thought on “Naked Mole Rat, another day, another genome

  1. Moreno

    And it can walk backwards, it can uptake oxygen efficiently, it feels no pain, it never dies of cancer… This is a marvel of nature!!! Well, at least if you don’t put much value into physical appearance :-)

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