NAR Web Server issue is out

I’m packing for my trip to the NIH to do some workshops, but wanted to make sure our regular readers catch this–the NAR web server issue is out. Always a nice look at some tools that may be new (or new to you) and updates to existing ones. Hat tip to Francis Ouellette for all the tweets (@bffo –he’s great to follow, by the way–worth having in your list):

RT @bffo: New in NAR: The Annual Nucleic Acids Research Web Server Issue link to Gary Benson’s editorial: #bioinformatics

RT @bffo: NAR Web server issue: Table of Content: #bioinformatics

RT @bffo: New in NAR: our  paper: The 2011 bioinformatics links directory update: > resources, tools, & databases …

I haven’t had time to go through it yet myself, but I will soon. And it’s usually a great source of tips-of-the-week!