We're going to Africa

africaWell, virtually at least. We had a press release on this last week, but I thought I’d write a bit more about it here. I’ll be giving a tutorial on the UCSC Genome Browser at 16:00 GMT (8am my time, US Pacific) this Friday (2/20). This will be a live web conference where I’ll be teaching an introductory tutorial of the Genome Browser.

There is a lot more going on of course. The African Virtual Conference on Bioinformatics ’09 (AfBix09) is, as the title says, a ‘virtual’ one, the speakers are from all over the world and it is all online, but to facilitate attendance on the continent, there are five ‘hubs’ where participants can watch and participate in the conference including, Kenya, Morocco, S. Africa and a couple locations in West Africa.

The conference is Thursday (2/19) and Friday (2/20).

The topics of the sessions include Structural Biology Applied to Infectious Diseases, Applied Genomics to Infectious Diseases, Career Development in Bioinformatics and Opportunities for Researchers in Africa and Proteomic applications to Tropical Diseases.

Registration is only 30 (commercial), 21 (student, developed countries) and 10 dollars (student, developing countries) and ANYONE can attend, you don’t have to be in Africa of course.

Since I’ll also be giving a talk at the “Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases” Nature conference in Singapore (in person, not virtually)  next month, I think I’ll be attending much of this conference to prepare myself in the genomics of infectious disease.

I hope I’ll see you at the conference, and at least at my workshop!

Register now!, the deadline is tomorrow.

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