SNPTips update (1.1)

I did a tip of the week on SNPTips a few months ago (more information there). It’s a great addon to view your genomic data while browsing databases and web sites. They’ve moved to version 1.1. There are two nice new features and some bug fixes. The features are:
*You can now use your deCODEme data, in addition to the 23andme support they started with.
*You can use SNPTips even without raw data to view SNPs on a page.
*and it’s been updated for Firefox 4.x.

You can check our our previous tip here (which still applies :).

SNPTips landing page at 5am Solutions.

One thought on “SNPTips update (1.1)

  1. Mary

    Oh, I think this is a cool feature: “Added support for using SNPTips without a data file at all – so users who have not yet been genotyped can use SNPTips to look up reference sites, etc. for SNPs on web pages.”

    You don’t have to have data–or you don’t have to turn it on. I like that.

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