International Cancer Genome Consortium; interview with Tom Hudson

We’ve talked about the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) before a number of times, and we had a Tip of the Week on the project and database last year. It may be time for a new tip because their site and software has changed. One of the very cool aspects of the data access is that they are using the BioMart query tool for the interface–but it is the v0.8 cutting-edge style of BioMart that has some nice new features.

Anyway, I saw a tweet this morning about an interview with one of the principals of the ICGC, Tom Hudson. It’s a nice interview that talks about the project, the progress, and more. If you haven’t been following the ICGC’s work you might use this interview as a nice entry point to that. And then check out the data–and the BioMart interface that’s available at the site.

Interview (and hat tip to the tweeter that pointed me there):

RT @ResearchMedia: Dr Thomas Hudson of the ICGC Secretariat outlines the benefit of working as a consortium in the fight against #cancer

Visit the ICGC: and click on the Data Portal to start looking at the data that’s flowing in now.


2 thoughts on “International Cancer Genome Consortium; interview with Tom Hudson

  1. dan

    I saw that interview with Tom that you mentioned. It really was worth taking a look at. I would highly recommend it as well. Thanks for reposting the link, I will retweet it along as well.

  2. Mary Post author

    Thanks Dan. I know it’s not new, but was such a nice introduction to the framework. And I’ve seen some of the data in there and found some interesting stuff already–I hope researchers start digging!

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