Video Tip of the Week: Allergen Atlas

When this week’s sweep through the literature led me to a new resource on a topic that we haven’t covered in the past, I was psyched.  But then it led me even further to find a bunch of other resources and strategies that I hadn’t been exposed to before.  And yet it is an area close to me–very close–but I didn’t know the bioinformatics resources taht were in place around it.

I’m allergic to peanuts.  And I come from this allergy family.  Mostly our allergies are different items–I’m the only peanut one.  But the rest of my family is loaded with them–eggs, pollens, pets, strawberries, and plenty more. Quite a range.  And Trey is allergic to coconut.  So we never have Thai food when we do training sessions because it could kill either of us :O

So I was fascinated to learn about allergen databases.  I’ll start with my look at Allergen Atlas (that started this quest) and then I’ll move on to mention some other resources I discovered on this hunt. This week’s Video Tip of the Week is on allergenicity resources:

Allergen Atlas: and the paper for it:

IUIS: International Union of Immunological Societies


Allermatch: FAO/WHO sequence matching tool