What’s the Answer: Open Thread (NGS Tools)

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Question of the week:

Now we are analysing NGS data, and I wonder if you know some collections of bioinformatics tools which can help me (like biopieces).

There were a few good answers with a good suggestion of lists of tools for analysis and preparation of Next-Generation Sequencing tools. Here’s one answer, click the link above for the rest:

(after some advice about mastering scripting language and unix commands…)

  1. learn the most used bioinformatics tools. e.g.:
    • one (or preferably many) short-read aligners
    • samtools
    • an NGS viewer (IGV is a good one to start)
    • Bedtools
    • A means to view and filter your NGS reads
    • and certainly many others depending on your specific focus.
  2. Then start to learn some of the common data repositories. e.g.: