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Question of the week:

Which personalized genetics service is interesting from a bioinformaticians perspective

Some years back I read “The seven daughters of eve” by Bryan Sykes. A very interesting read. At that time they already offered some service to link your genes with one of the ancestral mothers described in this book. Ever since sending in some material has been on my to consider list. Recently 23andme has been a buzz word on twitter. Apparently you can have saliva send in to to be mapped to existing scientific knowledge. I am very much tempted to get the personalized genetics from my to consider list, to my to do list.

I would like to know if there are experiences good/bad with personalized genetics. How reliable are these personalized services? If so, do you get data back in such a way that you can do personalized bioinformatics with it?

Are there other reliable services overing personalized genetics except the two already mentioned?

–Andra Waagmeester

I thought this would generate more discussion from this group than it did. Based on some of the discussion I see on twitter, a lot of the BioStar users have also been consumers of personal genetics information. That said, although there isn’t a “selected” answer at this point, one of the community members speaks to his experience with one of the providers. Another commenter mentions another–but that person’s interest is more in the genealogical perspective than a medical perspective.

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