The UCSC Genome Browser tweets!

I just caught this in my “genome” TweetDeck column:

RT @GenomeBrowser: That didn’t take long! The Genome Browser website is back up now. Sorry for any inconvenience the brief outage caused.

I didn’t realize the Browser was tweeting! I wish I had been following them. Because if so I would have known about the issue earlier, and wouldn’t have submitted that bug report to OMIM…turns out it wasn’t their new site. Oops. [PS: next week's tip of the week will be the new OMIM site, btw]

Anyway: if you want to follow them go here:

If you want to see how I use twitter to find out stuff like this, I did a tip of the week on my TweetDeck organization not too long ago:

Tip of the Week: Twitter in Bioinformatics

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