BioGPS is moving…to academia

News appears on my twitter feed this morning:

RT @attilacsordas: BioGPS is moving

I don’t know if y’all had the same experience back in grad school, but we were assured that is was impossible to move back to academia after being in the corporate realm for a long period. Well, it appears that’s not the case! I’ve been seeing that more and more, and I think it’s a good deal. When students are looking for career advice and for networking, the guidance on non-academic careers was a little sparse.

What that means for a database, though, I’m not sure. Now it may have to compete for grants and support in a way that it hadn’t before. And we all know that maintenance support for existing resources is not always so easy to get. This could be true in a corporate setting too–budgets get cut all the time, mergers change priorities, etc. So I’m not saying it’s unique to academic projects. I’m just going to be interested to see how it goes for BioGPS.

They are all very upbeat about it though–excited for the move and the new challenges. Some of the team is going with them. And they promise new features are in the works. That’s great and we’ll keep an eye out for them: we are always looking for good tip-of-the-week ideas! Good luck to the BioGPS team.

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