Bioinformatics in the local news

I’m on a few local mailing lists, including the one for MassHighTech.  I was perusing the news today and saw this tidbit:

URI taps De Groot to head new vaccine research center

….The purpose of the new program, called the Institute for Immunology and Informatics, is to create vaccines to prevent AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue fever and other diseases. Researchers will use cutting-edge bioinformatics tools to speed up creating treatments and cures for these illnesses, stated URI. This includes using immunomics — informatics, genomics and immunology –- to design better vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics…..

Immunomics. Another -omic.  Just what I needed.

I think this is neat, actually, though.  I would like to keep an eye on what they are doing.  As an undergrad in microbiology I was talked out of infectious diseases as a career–I was told that funding was dissipating and there wasn’t much interest in that anymore.  But that was probably the most memorable course I took.

Oh, and if you find yourself here because you are looking for some resources for infectious disease genomes, I’ll add a few here.  Feel free to add your other favorites.







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