CDC Genomics blog: victim of zombie apocalypse?

Well, when I said that it was like molasses to get to the CDC genomics blog earlier, turns out it wasn’t me. It was the zombie apocalypse….

@crisiscamp: RT @Kim26stephens: Love the  CDC.! MT @bryanenberg: Great example of using Viral SM to get out a message by @CDC. Zombie Apocalypse #SMEM

Apparently zombies have brought down the CDC. Alas.

Here’s a working link if you want to explore emergency preparations for the zombie apocalypse:

Edit on Thursday: OMG, I got up today to discover that people are finding our blog as they Google for “cdc zombie research”. And OpenHelix is the top hit for that….And we swear it was just a coincidence that we highlighted the Allen Brain Explorer yesterday and the zombie thing happened….

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