Coat color genes

One of my favorite mailing lists is the mouse researcher discussion list at The Jackson Lab. I think is the list to which I have been subscribed the longest in my career. It is moderated (never spammed), it has a great community of mouse researchers, and they discuss a range of things–benchwork to bioinformatics. There are meeting announcements. Job postings. All sorts of stuff.

Today I learned that the Coat Color Genes web site has moved:

This useful WEB resource was created and maintained by Bill Oetting (Univ.
Minnesota) and offered through the IFPCS WEB page. Now, we have agreed with Bill that we will take over the responsability and, from now on, regularly update this WEB page. Please update your links accordingly.

Yesterday I learned that researchers are actually using Nair on mice to remove hair for bioimaging applications. Dark fur quenches signals, it turns out. This makes sense to me. But I had no idea that anyone still actually used Nair anymore. I didn’t even know they made it. See, you learn new things every day!