KEGG needs your help

Seriously. This just came over the twitter, and here’s what we saw:

RT @karlkugler: What? That’s bad news RT @onertipaday KEGG will be available only to paid subscribers: #bioinformatics

I went over to look at the page, and it looks like it’s not a done deal yet. There may be a way to help, from the Plea to Support KEGG page (emphasis mine):

KEGG is now one of the most widely used biological databases in the world as indicated by the web access statistics (150 to 200 thousand unique visitors per month) and the number of KEGG paper citations (one thousand per year). I intend to ensure that KEGG remains a freely available web resource. However, this will be possible only with your support. First, I would like to ask all of you who have benefited from KEGG to write, email, tweet, and blog about your support for KEGG. I hope, in the long run, your voices will increase our chances of getting more stable funding.

Talk this up!

KEGG was one of the earliest computational /database resources I can remember using in my career. And it’s everywhere–you know that there are going to be links to KEGG, and that you can expect quality information there. I can’t imagine a world without it….

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