UCSC Genome Browser webinars coming up

Just wanted to let some of the regular readers know about the webinars. Our “News” category doesn’t feed right to the blog landing page, so it is possible to miss this news.

We are going to offer a couple of webinars on the UCSC Genome Browser. It will cover some of the same material that we offer in our workshops–but for time reasons it’s trimmed down a bit.

It’s been announced by the UCSC team and you can currently see the info on their homepage in their “News” section. It also went out on their “announce” mailing list on Friday evening.

For the details on our site–check out this post:

Free Webinars on how to use the UCSC Genome Browser

The seating really is limited, so if you want to attend you should sign up. If we can’t accommodate the demand we’ll be scheduling more–but as our inaugural webinar we didn’t know what to expect.

Actually–I shouldn’t say it’s our first. Years ago when we had our initial SBIR grant we had a webinar component. We opened registration to everyone, we had at least 3 schedule times a week available, and we had about 3 people sign up. But we think that the webinar has become a more accepted method for people. And the technology is better too.

So join us if you want to learn more about the basics of the UCSC Genome Browser (the first webinar) or more about using Custom Tracks and Table Browser functions (the second webinar).

If you have questions about these let us know.